Best Janome Sewing MachinesSinger is well known and one of the oldest manufacturers of sewing machines. It has credibility in the market for providing quality products. Following are Best Singer Sewing Machines list of top sewing machine that have been selected for you by singer.

Best Singer Sewing Machines

Singer 9960 Sewing Machine

Review of sewing machine brands makes it one of the top most choices. This singer9960 has all things needed for being a super cool sewing machine. It has adjustable binder foot so that you can make beautiful designs. Here bobbin is adjusted from top which makes ribbon insertion much easy. Due to its clear cover you can continuously monitor supply of thread to bobbin.  Digital information is visible which includes stitching information such as width, length etc. buttonhole sewing with this machine is just 1 step simple process that provides details every time. There are 13 built-in automatic buttonholes. Buttonholes sides are sewn in the right way for preventing formation of gaps in the stitching process and fabric distortion. With a variety of about 600 stitches, you can choose any one for getting perfect stitch as per your designing needs. Free accessories with this machine include 18 presser-feet. This machine will increase creative possibilities for you.It’s your choice to select from these Best singer Sewing Machines.Also read the full singer 9960 review here.


This machine performs heavy duty easily

It is time saving and provides good value for money spent

It works through thick fabrics easily

You can easily control speed of presser foot


  • Customer service is not satisfactory
  • It does not support fancy or too big fabrics

Singer 7258 Computerized Sewing Machine

This one is another top industrial sewing machine brands Singer 7250 comes with easy threading and automatic threader. It takes just seconds to thread the machine. There are also threading instruction printed upon sewing machine. Bobbin is loaded from top which makes bobbin insertion an easy task. There is a clear cover to monitor supply of thread to bobbin. Workspace is illuminated through LED light to provide optimal view. This bulb has long lasting life and it stays cool irrespective of duration of its operation. There are 7 automatic perfect sized buttonholes that are all built-in. using these buttonholes you can perfectly create buttonholes each time. 6 button holes are 1 step styled. There is an additional buttonhole that allows creation of button holes with infinity. Needle is programmable up & down. You can adjust it at the highest position which makes fabric removal easy.

Down sided position of needle is ideal for quilting, appliquéing and pivoting. Foot control prevents unnecessary working of machine. When you need to work, just remove the foot controller and machine will start sewing. Speed is controllable due to presence of speed-control lever which allows you to set speed to a desired level. Internal heavy-duty metal frame keeps machine still during sewing so there will be no skipped stitches. This machine is perfect choice for beginners to get précised stitching. It is amazing with 100 built in stitches for different types f sewing like decorative sewing, home, crafts, heirloom, quilting and fashion sewing etc. all sewing needs are covered in this machine.For more information read the full singer 7258 review here.


  • It ensures skipping free sewing experience each time it is used
  • It comes with 25 years warranty
  • Singer also provide online support at its official site
  • Support through social media allows connecting with experts and seeking tips & tricks
  • Incredibly detailed instruction manual
  • Smooth sewing
  • Quite operations, not noisy
  • Easy to operate
  • Speed control slider to control speed without foot pedal
  • Really pretty stitches
  • Multiple presser feet
  • Super easy bobbin


Sometime thread of this machine gets too much tight especially upper thread. This breaks when fabric is pulled. This can be handled by gently moving the presser foot back and forth to lose the tightened thread.

Singer 4411 Heavy-Duty Extra High Sewing Machine

Last one in our list of top of the line sewing machine brands super cool sewing machines is singer 4411. It comes with heavy duty metal-frame, extra high sewing speed, powerful motor and stainless-steel bedplate. Using this machine you can easily sew anything you want to. Whether you have started new project or are making regular garments alterations, this heavy duty is much easily usable & versatile machine. Needle threader is automatic, which is the biggest time saving thing for sewing purposes.

Machine can run at speed of 1,100 stitches each minute so you can quickly convert your ideas to reality. Its bobbin is loaded form the top and can be clearly viewed through cover. Motor is 60% stronger. Bed plate is made from stainless steel material which provides way for easy and even sewing. Internal skeleton is made of heavy-duty metal which holds and aligns mechanisms perfectly and gives skipping free sewing experience with overall durability. You will be happy to use this machine for years. Pressure controlling presser foot is adjustable which helps to sew heavy and light weight fabrics easily without any worry.

Buttonhole is four steps automatic through which you can make beautiful button holes. There are accessories provided in its accessory tray. These accessories include all purpose & zipper foot, instruction manual, foot control, power cord, soft side dust cover, spool-pin felt, screwdriver, bobbins, needles, quilting guide, seam ripper, button-sewing foot, buttonhole foot etc.You can also read full singer 4411 review here.


  • You can make beautiful items that will lead even boutique quality fabrics
  • It is sturdy & durable
  • Easy to operate
  • Portable and easy to move
  • Come with instruction manual
  • Due to metal structure, it lasts longer for extended years
  • Peddle is very sensitive & works well
    Instruction manual is not very clear for beginners and they may find it a little complicated.

Singer 2259 Tradition Eeasy to Use Free-Arm 19-Stitch

Singer 2259 machine for sewing is the traditional singer sewing machine that has all the features for allowing you to take a new start for carrying on your sewing hobby. There is an automatic 4 step buttonhole with easy stitch selection. This sewing machine`s pressure feet is with snap-on. It is very easy to thread this machine and it can be done quite quickly. You need to follow arrows on machine for easy threading. Stitch selection in this Sewing machine 2259 is also much easy. With adjustable length of stitches and zigzag width with differentiating 19 in-built stitches are its advantages. Buttonhole is 4-step automatic just like its bobbin winding. Metal frame is heavy duty whereas foot lifter comes with extra higher pressure. Feed-dog system is 4 segmented with multiple positions for needle. Tension is easy to adjust. Pressure can be controlled for the presser foot that is automatic.You can also read the full singer 2259 review here.


Sewing 2259 is a time saving machine with its easy and quick threading Stitch length is adjustable and width being zigzag allows customization of stitches

Multiple stitches wit buttonhole automatic steps provide endless possibilities

This machine for sewing allows you to create creative sewing products

This durable sewing Singer machine 2259 comes with warranty of 25 years


Some customers complained about bobbin trouble. This must be problem with a particular item and seeing the manual might help.


Multiple stitches, automatic threading and easy use make it an important sewing machine.

Singer 3232 Simple Sewing Machine

Singer sewing 3232 machine is a perfect machine that is good for those who have just started their sewing practice. There are many features that make Singer sewing machine 3232 an adorable choice for carrying on your sewing practices. Automatic needle threading feature, easy threading and easy to adjust width and length of stitch are all amazing attributes that will make you love it. If you want to enjoy frustration free sewing, go for it. 32 is quite a large number for a beginner to find stitching designs. Width is also adjustable. Easy setup and operating come with use of one step button-hole. Metal frame is heavy duty to give durable functioning. You will be able to create fashionable stuff along with various types of creative projects being easy and fun to create. Accessories like foot of various types, bobbins, screwdriver, dust cover, darning plate and instruction manual are included in the packaging.You can also read the full singer 3232 review here.


Fashionable Singer 3232 has the ability to work on various types of clothing including leather

It can hem pants and can also fix drapes

Easy to operate

Comes with complete guideline in the form of manual

Durable and long lasting


Accessing bobble sometime creates trouble


For beginners, this al-rounder sewing machine is the write sewing machine that is convenient and highly recommended.

Singer 1304 Start Free Arm Sewing Machine

Singer 1304 is the system that can be threaded very easily. You are not required to trouble yourself much for handling this as instruction are clearly printed on the machine. Stitch selection is simple to be done for changing stitches with just one single step. There are 6 built-in stitches including straight, buttonhole, scallop, blind hem, satin and zigzag. Free accessories are included in the pack for machine including three presser feet. Free arm, automatic bobbin and metal frame being heavy duty give it durability. This Singer 1304 sewing machine is not suitable for countries that do not support 110 volt. This little portable sewing machine Singer is the quality package that is perfect for travelling, taking to classes and also for general sewing tasks at home. Singer 1304 reviews indicate that whether you are going to use it as a hobby or for starting sewing profession, it is a good choice. You can also read the full singer 1304 review here.


Easy to select stitches

Automatic adjustment of thread tension

There is a LED light for lighting sewing space

Automatic winding system for bobbin

Extra high foot lifter

Wider stitching width

Great speed of 750 stitches in one minute

Singer 1304 machine for sewing comes with warranty of 25 years


Customers seem to be pretty satisfied with this machine as no major complain has yet been observed.


This is a little but nice machine that is great starting device for beginners who are not looking for bells & whistles in the form of high end machines.

Singer 4423 Heavy Duty Extra High Sewing  Machine

Singer 4423 sewing machine is the machine with variety first of that is 6 basic and 23 other built-in stitches. There are 4 stitches for stretch clothing. If you want decorative stitches there are 12 with one stitch fir buttonhole. Bobbin is top dropping and needle threader works automatic to make you feel satisfied and calm. With huge speed of 1,100 per minute stitches to go its motor is 60% stronger to ensure long lasting. Internal structure of Singer 4423 machine is also quite strong with its bed plate that is stainless steel made and heavy-duty metal frame. Buttonhole process is automatic that allows making beautiful buttonholes. High speed machine to work like you are a professional even in the starting days of your sewing hobby it gives faster results with quality garments resultantly. You can read full Singer 4423 review here.


Large numbers of per minute stitching speed

Stronger motor

Singer sewing machine 4423 gives skip free stitching by keeping

the cloth still during the process

Clear cover view due to dropping bobbin

Multiple needle positions

Sewing machine 4423 comes with warranty of 25 years


Directions for use of this machine are not very clear and need improvement.


This machine has all that is needed for fulfilling basic sewing needs of all persons.

Singer 5400 Sew Mate Sewing Machine

Singer sewing machine 5400 comes with very easy system of threading due to its automatic needle threading. Affordable sewing machine is the time saving feature. Stitch length is easy to adjust with adjustment for width to give precise sewing function. There are 60 stitches that are all built-in with 8 essential and 8 for stretch stitching. All these stitches of this top quality sewing design are designed to give your fabric a new appearance. Decorative stitches are also part of its functions that help in creating amazing new designs each time you decide to use it. Buttonholes are also automatic that make you feel free about how to do buttonhole. Metal frame is durable and gives skip free sewing for all type of cloths. You need 110 volt for operating this machine and hence it is not suitable for countries that do not support such voltage.You can read full singer 5400 review here.


Singer sewing 5400 offers large number of built-in stitches

It supports sewing of all types including decorative, home, crafts, heirloom, quilting and fashion stuff

5400 Singer is a heavy duty machine to ensure machine is still while sewing

There are no skipped stitches


Inaccurate stitches result if you do not select right needle position. So to avoid this read the manual as how to operate it.


Singer sewing machine 5400 for you is a complete package type of sewing machine that is good for those who want to get good stitching results.

Singer 4432 Heavy Duty Extra High Speed

This 4432 singer machine for sewing is perfect stainless steel item to get going on your sewing mission. It comes with extra operating speed of 1,100 per minute stitching to give faster results with professional speed. Machine is heavy duty and remains stable during sewing. Fabric feeding to the Singer machine 4432 is smooth due to its steel bed plate that gives even sewing. There are 32 stitches with 6 essential, 18 decorative, 7 stretch, 1 step for buttonhole and one fully automatic one. It is a time saving machine due to its needle threader being automatic.


Easy to setup and operate

Strong motor

Faster stitching per minute that completes task within less time

Clear viewing cover

Multiple needle positions

This durable working machine for sewing comes with warranty of 25 years


Some customers complain that machine jammed or broke. Care must be taken while handling and this may be an inventory fault that can be replaced.


This machine form singer is good for those who want to have versatility intheir stitches and love to create new products.


All of the above 3 top sewing machine brands 2017 singer machines are one of the finest choices that you can make while purchasing a sewing machines. One of these which is the editors` choice is the best sewing machine from all. it carries features which even lead the other two mentioned above. This is Singer 7258 which has automatic threader, top down bobbin, illuminated workplace, more automatic button holes than other singer machines and more stitches than other singer sewing machines. There is a speed controller and multiple presser feet are also a perk.