Buying guide for the Sewing Machine

buying guide for sewing machine

This guide is for peopleof all ages and genders, especially for women who are multi-tasker and want a sewing machine that can save their time and energy.

Why is Sewing Machine still relevant in the 21st century?

We think that in this advanced and modern world, there is no need for a sewing machine anymore. More importantly, we think that people don’t have enough time to do hectic work all by themselves after getting home all exhausted due to their day jobs.

But wearing dresses of our choice and fitting is a reality which we cannot deny at all. Till the time we continue to wear dresses, the sewing machine usage will remain relevant. It is a reality. But with the advancement in technology the sewing machine also comes with time-saving features.

These features not only help us to save time but also can help beginners in the sewing field to do professional jobs with ease. Modern sewing machines are manufactured by considering people’s lifestyle in this fast-paced world.

If you are a person who needs to buy a sewing machine for the first time then this guide will definitely help you in choosing the best machine which can fulfill your needs. Before moving any further, we need to discuss the types of sewing machines present in the market.

Types of Sewing Machine:

There are many sewing machines available in the market, which offer different functions and which fulfill the specific work needs of the people. You should know about the product you are going to buy as well as your specific demands from the product. Without knowing about the thing you are going to buy means you are going to waste your money. Here are four types of sewing machines.

1.   Mechanical Type Sewing Machine:


This is the oldest type of sewing machine. More precisely, this is the sewing machine we had seen in our grandma’s house as well as in our own house when we were younger. These machines still work on the base of the wheel which we rotate by our hand, in return the wheel gives the energy to the needle to move up and down to make the stitch.

All of the above processes is done with the help of mechanical parts involved in the function. Because it is strong, easy to maintain, and a reliable product, this type of machine is still in use in Asia as well as in most Third World countries. But this machine also has its drawbacks and flaws.

This machine is also best for the beginner or for a person who is low on budget and requires a reliable product. People belonging to middle-class households still consider this machine as their partner in sewing rather than the more advanced version of it. This type of machine cannot be used for quilting, upholstery, embroidery as well as for thick fabrics. It can only perform a simple basic function.

Pros of Mechanical Type Sewing Machine:

  1. Easy to maintain
  2. Less wear and tear
  3. Made of steel or other strong metal increases its life
  4. Is a reliable product and can take several hard falls


Cons of Mechanical Type Sewing Machine:

  1. Can make the limited type of stitches
  2. Lack of all the basic advanced features
  3. More difficult to operate
  4. Beginners need a lot of training to use it
  5. Cannot work with different fabric type
  6. Cannot do the embroidery, quilting, etc


2.   Electronic Type Sewing Machine:

With the advancement in technology, the Mechanical Type Sewing Machine is replaced by the Electronic Type Sewing Machine. In Electronic Type machine motors are used for providing power to the sewing machine. One motor is used to provide power to the needle, while others are used for different functions.

The motor which provides energy to the needle is controlled by the foot pedal. This pedal controls the machine speed, and the sped of the needle. The whole Electronic Type Sewing Machine changed the concept of stitching for beginners.

This type of Electronic Sewing Machine comes with a variety of functions like auto thread cutter, which is used for cutting the thread of the stitched fabric after the person is done sewing.

This machine also has the feature of an adjustable foot holder position, which is necessary for this era for the multipurpose functionality of the machine. The foot holder exerts pressure on the fabric for better gripping the fabric. The same amount of foot holder’s pressure cannot be used for different fabric types.

This can cause loose or loopy stitch as well as can cause puckering of the fabric. This type of machine is suitable for a variety of functions like sewing upholstery, bedcovers, bedspreads, etc.

Pros of Electronic Type Sewing Machine:

  1. This can be used for sewing a variety of fabrics
  2. This does not require manual labor
  3. This machine comes with a variety of features

Cons of Electronic Type Sewing Machine:

  1. This machine is a costly product
  2. This is not easy to maintain
  3. Cannot be used on different fabrics


3.   Computerized Type Sewing Machine:

Computerized Type Sewing Machines are heavy-duty, and can work on a different number of fabrics. This latest machine can be used for embroidery, quilting, and upholstery. This machine is a heavy-duty workhouse and can make a variety of stitches on the fabric regardless of the fabric type.

If you want to sew drapes or blinds for your house, then these latest sewing machines should be your ideal choice. This machine can work as art. This allows you to work more creatively and more easily on the heavy fabric. Computerized Type machine comes with a variety of functions like the embroidery stitch memory, which is helpful to create the mirror stitch any time you want.

This machine is quite intelligent and can also adjust the foot pedal position according to your need. This can also increase the mobility of the needle with the option to stop the needle, whether in an up or down position.

This feature especially helps the person when they are working on the side seam. This machine comes with computer memory. Which means if you have a stich design or embroidery design saved in the computer, you can transfer it to your machine to copy it on the fabric.

This machine also has different needle configuration feature.

Pros of Computerized Sewing Machine:

  1. This can stich the fabric with mirror stich capability
  2. This can use different color thread simultaneously to make a stitch.
  3. Comes with all the latest technology like automatic buttonhole creator option etc

Cons of Computerized sewing Machine:

  1. Needs proper professional maintenance.
  2. Costly machine.

4.      Overlock Type Sewing Machine:

If you are looking for a machine that can fulfill your specific need like creating a seam with no rough edges then Overlock Type Sewing Machine is your best option. This machine can easily perform all the sewing tasks.

Advance tasks like the variable stitch size as well as the buttonhole creator option is not available on this machine type. This cannot perform efficiently on the thick fabric. But can be used for creating seams on curtains, drapes, and bedsheets.

People use this machine specifically for the purpose of clean seam, which can also be made on the Electronic Type Sewing Machine.

In this Overlock Type Sewing Machine cutter is used, which can cut the fabric while making the seam and can give seam with clean edges.

Pros of Overlock Type Sewing Machine:

  1. Can perform the overlocking task easily
  2. Good for basic sewing tasks


Cons of Overlock Type Sewing Machine:

  1. Cannot work like Computerized Type sewing Machine.
  2. Only overlocking task is performed efficiently.

Things you need to consider before buying the Sewing Machine:

1.      Which Sewing Machine brand will be suitable for you?

There are lots of sewing machine brands in the world, but only a number of brands provide the sewing machine that can perform the desired task efficiently. Singer is the oldest company in the market and a lot of people prefer the pioneer brand like singer.

Singer machine comes in variety of configurations. If you require the machine only for some basic sewing purpose then go for singer electronic or mechanical machine, and they are also not expensive.

Always prefer the brand while buying the sewing machine because good brands never compromised on the quality of the material, they used in making the machine.

2.      Budget for Sewing Machine:

People most often like the machine which are out of their budget, and they cannot afford to buy the product. Same goes for the sewing machine. if you like the high price machine and don’t have enough money to buy it then go for the machine which you can buy easily.

3.      Your main purpose for buying Sewing Machine:

If you are the type of person who perform the sewing task daily, and also a professional in the field of sewing then you should go for high-end machine, which are costly. But can assist as well as automatically perform majority of your task by the click of button.

Task like designing, embroidery, seaming requires skill as well as the assistance, which a high-end machine can provide easily. But if you are an on and off user of sewing machine and only do the basic function like stitching the cloths etc. Then go for the average machine that comes with variable pressure foot configuration, buttonholer, and buttonhole creator option.

4.      Storage of Sewing Machine:

The most important part to consider about buying any product is the storage. where you can store it and retrieve it, when you want it. People now a days live in flats, where there is no extra storage space available. So, in these cases always look towards a machine that is light weight as well as small or compact in design.

This compact machine can be stored in small storage space quite easily. If you are a professional designer and needs a computerized sewing machine, and does not have an appropriate storage capacity. Then consider buying electronic machine that comes with variety of modern feature.

By doing this you will not only save the money, but you can easily store the machine. The only drawback is that you cannot get the required assistance from the machine.

Modern features to look for in the Sewing Machine:

If you’re buying a new modern sewing machine then always look for the some additional features in it, which will not only assist you in the sewing, but can also save your time in this fast world.

1.      Variable thread tensioner for Sewing Machine:

If you have any experience of using a sewing machine then you know about the function of thread tensioner, and the importance of it. Thread tensioner controls the tension of thread during the sewing process. This helps to make the perfect stitch.

If you are using the thick fabric, then you need to change the tension of the thread tensioner otherwise you will cause puckering of the fabric. In case of the knit fabric high tension thread damages the knit fabric during stitching process.

In the Computerized Type Sewing Machine the computer of the sewing machine intelligently adjusts the thread tensioner according to the fabric. But you have to select the fabric type on the computer.

2.      Automatic thread cutter for Sewing Machine:

In latest machines the thread cutter technology is used. Which by the end of the swing operation automatically cut the stich thread from the needle. This process assists the person in increasing person’s workload efficiency.

3.      Knee support in Sewing Machine:

If you are a person, who wants to utilize the hands as much as possible for the sewing task only, and doesn’t want to use it for the purpose of shifting the pedal foot up, then this new knee support feature is for you.

Person who is sewing the seam of the drape or curtain, needs to move the fabric in pivotal direction. For this purpose he/she needs to lift the pedal foot up, every time the needle reaches the corner of the fabric. This knee support feature lifts the pedal foot up , so that person can easily sew the seam of fabric.

The knee support system basically does the job by the help of lever attached to the shifter above your knee. When you press the shifter by the help of knee the shifter then pushes the lever which not only brings the needle in downward position, but also moves the pedal foot upward.

This gives the person more control on the fabric while sewing which is not possible without the knee support mechanism.

4.      Adjustable stich types in the Sewing Machine:

We all know that there are number of ways to stich the fabric. Different stich is used for different purpose. In new modern mechanized as well as the electronic machine, option of different stich is included.

With the change in stitch type you can change the length as well as width of the stich. Basically in newer Computerized Type Sewing Machine you can save the stich type in the computer memory along with the fabric on which that particular stitch type is used.

So by the help of one adjustable option you can change your machine setting for any type of stich.

5.      Presser foot configuration in Sewing Machine:

Presser foot plays the most important role in the sewing process. This foot not only grip the fabric for better sewing feel but also assist you in sewing process. For some fabrics presser foot pressure is more and the presser foot is changed according to fabric and stich type.

But in modern machines the pressure with which presser foot grips the fabric can be change by the button on the machine. This system helps the person to sew different fabrics on a single machine without changing the whole parts of the machine.

6.      Automatic bobbin changer:

In sewing process the bobbin plays the vital part, as it provides the needle with the second yarn that is used to make the stich on the fabric. Without it the needle only sew one thread and does not make any stich on the fabric.

The bobbin holder is present under the sewing table cap and is not visible in older as well as in  some newer models. But in electronic as well as mechanized version of sewing machine, the bobbin holder is present under the transparent sewing cap, and can be easily seen through that cap.

If the bobbin thread runs out, the bobbin holder automatically ejects the bobbin with noise, so the person who is sewing the fabric can easily know about it and can change it.

7.      Built-in stiches:

In modern machine the type of stiches is saved in the computer memory of the machine, and by one click you can select the type of stich you need to make on the fabric.

Thus, this new technology easily helps the beginner to do the professional’ work. Like the Button hole can be made easily by the help of selecting the stitch from stich type.

8.      Adjustable feed dog lever:

If you are a person who want to use one sewing machine for all purpose then adjusting the feed dog lever is the important feature you should have in your machine. The feed dog is working along the needle and grips the fabric from underneath.

This helps the person to better grip the fabric. But this is useless while sewing heavy fabric and can causes damage to the fabric. By the help of feed dog lever adjuster you can drop it down so that it cannot be used in the heavy fabric sewing operation.

9.      Free arm option:

In this feature you get an additional sewing space for the purpose of sewing the seam as well as corners of the fabric in circular form. You can say that it is an arm on which you place your fabric in desired position, so that you can  sew the fabric according to your need.

10. Needle position option:

With the help of this option a person can easily adjust the needle position to left, right, up, and down according to their stitch need. This can be done while you are sewing the fabric. So basically it is a lifesaver option otherwise needle height can cause loopy, loose stitch. Puckering of the fabric also occurs due to needle position.

11. Speed control:

The latest sewing machine comes with variable speed control technology in which you can change the speed of the sewing process. This helps you to regulate the speed according to your need. If you want the machine to sew the fabric fast you can increase the speed or vice versa.

12. Start/stop button:

In this feature by the push of one button, you can halt the whole operation of the machine. This button is useful when the kids are roaming around you, and suddenly some child tries to put their hand under the needle operation.

Final Verdict:

All the machine types as well as their features are useful and can assist any person in their daily task of sewing. But you have to buy the sewing machine according to your requirements. You should also consider the budget while selecting a sewing machine.

For small and basic stitch operation, you can go for the Mechanical Type Sewing Machine as well as the Electronic Type Sewing Machine. But if you are a professional and need the sewing machine for your embroidery business then go for the high price Computerized Type Sewing Machine.

Select the machine according to your work as well as your skill type, this will not only help you in your daily task. But can also come on a low budget. Don’t go for the machine, which is costly, and has tons of features, which you do not need.

Always ponder upon all the options and select the machine carefully. I hope so with the help of a sewing guide you can make a better decision.