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You may be thinking from where you can get the best sewing machine 2018 because of the saturated market of sewing machines with lot of brands and their machines, We got you that’s why we crafted this list of sewing machine reviews for you to select top sewing machine 2018.

Despite the ease of e-shopping, one challenge faced by users is to gauge which is the best product for them to choose in a plethora of commercially available commodities. This is more of a problem for household women who are not erudite about the standards of commercial markets and may not be able to decide which is the best product for them to choose.

One such product that these housewives commonly use is a sewing machine which makes it easy for them to sew their own curtains, clothes or linens which are way more economic as compared to purchasing these products commercially. With the increasing recession and inflation, in order to cut down on domestic budget, the demand for sewing machines significantly rose and this is where the need to identify best sewing machines in the market has become a burning question. There are a number of brands in the market which manufacture sewing machines.

Few of the well-established and popular sewing machine brands include Juki, Singer, Brother, Bernina and Janome which provide top-of-the-line machines available in the market.

Each of these brands has their own unique advantages adding to the variety in terms of budget and specifications of a sewing machine. This means that consumer can easily find best sewing machine for them depending on their need, skill and budget. A couple of hundred bucks can get you a basic sewing machine which will be sufficient for your basic household sewing chores including quilting etc. On the other hand, spending more money can get you an advanced top-of-the-line sewing machine which is capable of performing more complex and technical tasks like embroidery.

Despite the ease of searching for best brands of sewing machines on the internet, a novice consumer can easily be tricked into the complex jargon of advertisement of these machines. Furthermore, these consumers would also be oblivious towards the technical manufacturing details of these machine ranging from proper presser foot details to determining optimum thread tension of the machine. Hence, to help such consumers we provide a comprehensive review of some of the most common and high-line machines available in the market and help them identify which might be the best sewing machine 2018.

Best Sewing Machine Reviews 2018 Comparison

Sewing MachineBrandOur RatingCheck Price
SINGER 9960 Quantum StylistSinger4.9 Check Price
Brother cs6000i sewing machineBrother4.8 Check Price
SINGER 4411 Heavy DutySinger4.8 Check Price
SINGER 7258 Computerized machineSinger4.7 Check Price
Janome HD3000 Heavy-DutyJanome4.6 Check Price
Juki tl-2010q sewing machineJuki TL4.5 Check Price
Juki Pearl Line MO-654DEJuki TL4.5 Check Price
Janome Computerized DC2013Janome4.3 Check Price
Juki Computerized HZL-F600 Machine Juki TL4.3 Check Price
Brother SE400 CombinationBrother4.3 Check Price

1)SINGER 9960 Quantum Stylist – Best sewing machines 2018

Singer 9960 reviewSinger quantum stylist 9960 is one of the astounding technological innovation. While equipped with latest sewing technology this machine is a perfect choice for novice and professionals alike. Its 600 built-in stitching styles, 13 automatic buttonholes, buttonhole underplate, automatic thread cutter and needle threader, needle up and down button and back-lit LCD screen are few of its advanced technological features making this machine one of the best-rated sewing machines. Not only this, but it comes with related stylist 9960 accessories including presser feet and bobbins which can extend your sewing capabilities. Apart from this, one of the salient features of this machine is its agility. It comes with a maximum sewing speed of 850 stitches per minute which makes the large sewing projects doable in a couple of hours making it one of the most reliable sewing machines in the market in terms of speedy sewing.

Despite its great features, one of the singer quantum stylist 9960 problems is that it a heavy duty machine and hence cannot be used for portable projects. Another issue with this machine is that its pressure foot does not offer an adjustable pressure for the consumers who would want to tune the pressure depending on the fabric type.

In light of above mentioned review on singer quantum stylist 9960, it is clear that despite being pricey this machine is worth buying for consumer considering to sew with creativity or innovation. Its advanced technological features enable consumer to have easy and fast sewing experience. Hence, this is an editor recommended machine for the modern users of sewing machines.
  • High stitching speed
  • Multiple automated features
  • Variety of stitching patterns
  • Machine weighs more than 20 pounds
  • Difficult to use for portable purposes and can mostly be used in a fixed location with ease.

2)Brother cs6000i– Best Affordable sewing machinesBest Affordable sewing machines

Brother cs6000i is also one of the best quality sewing machine, which despite being a computerized machine, is in an affordable range of consumers. Those with a limited budget and a quest for a high-quality product should look out for brother cs6000i. Despite being a cheaper option, cs6000i is one of the top of line sewing machine with all latest technological features that any advanced sewing machine may have these days. This includes 600 built-in stitching options, 13 fully automated buttonholes, automatic needle threader and thread cutter, needle up/down button and much more.

Apart from this, brother cs6000i accessories include a wide range of utilities consisting of a needle set, spool pin, three bobbins, cleaning brush, screwdriver, twin needles and a couple of others. Moreover, there are other optional accessories too which include piecing foot, adjustable binder foot and adjustable zipper and piping foot. These accessories may help users extend their abilities in the sewing chores. In addition to this, this machine is highly praised for being really easy to use which makes it a suitable choice for newly inspired sewing hobbyists

Taken together, considering its latest features and economical price, brother cs6000i review suggests that it can be considered one of the best sewing machines for tailoring in the economical range.
  • This machine is known to have a consistent stitching, adjustable sewing speed for those who want to fine tune their sewing speed for better results.
  • Its automated features make advanced sewing easier than it ever was.
  • One of the most distinguishing pros of this machine is its affordable price which attracts many users who want to shop on a limited budget.
  • This machine does not come with an automatic embroidery function which limits its use and hence cannot be used for more skilled or sophisticated purposes.
  •  Furthermore, this machine’s narrow throat makes it unsuitable for quilting purposes.


3)SINGER 4411 Heavy Duty – Cheap Sewing Machines

Cheap Sewing MachinesDespite being a basic sewing machine, singer 4411 reviews often refers to it as a “true workhorse” owing to its 60% stronger motor and extra-high sewing speed of 1100 stitches per minute which makes your heavy sewing projects come to life even more quickly than ever. This “heavy duty” machine comes with metal interior frame and stainless steel bed plate which provides a smooth platform for feeding the fabric for even sewing which paves new ways for the heavy duty sewing. All these features enable this machine to sew through almost any fabric. Despite these extraordinary features, the price range of this product is between $130 to $200 which makes this machine one of the most distinguished in the popular sewing machines of the time.

As mentioned earlier, this machine is often referred to as a basic sewing machine because of its sewing features including six basic stitches options, four decorative stitches and one automatic buttonhole which makes it an ideal mechanical machine for household sewing chores including clothing, home decor or building crafts. Its latest features including drop-In bobbin, automatic 4-step buttonhole and adjustable presser foot pressure make it compatible to most of the modern sewing machines in the market. Moreover, this machine comes with a wide array of accessories including dust cover, needles, bobbins, screwdriver, quilting guide, buttonhole foot, button sewing foot and an all-purpose foot.

In conclusion, Singer 4411 is manufactured to sustain extra heavy-duty use which makes it an ideal buy for experienced and novice sewers. While this machine is equipped with professional-quality features, it is very easy-to-use and comes at an unbeatable price which makes this machine stand out as a heavy duty yet cheap machine in the market.
  • Strong motor, adjustable foot pressure, capable of sewing even thickest fabrics, ultra-high sewing speed and firm control of fabric for smooth sewing.
  • Multiple automated features
  • Another distinguishing feature of this machine is its long term manufacturer warranty of 25 years which signifies its durability.
  • Due to the light weight of this machine there is a possibility of it getting dragged with the heavy fabric during sewing. Moreover, twin needle is not included in the accessories.


4)SINGER 7258 Computerized Sewing Machine – Best Sewing Machine for Beginners

Best Sewing Machine for BeginnersIt is important for the beginners to realise that it might not be a good idea for them to purchase a highly sophisticated computerised sewing machine which does almost everything. This is because these novices do not understand most of these features as most of those features are intended for skilled professionals. Hence, it is important to look for a simple and basic machine which is ideal for beginners to get introduced to sewing. In light of this, we recommend Singer 7258 as one of the best entry level sewing machine for such beginners.

Like most of the modern machines, Singer 7258 is a basic yet computerised sewing machine which comes with multiple automated features including automatic needle threader and tension, LED display screen, electronic start/stop button and Automatic bobbin winding. Its electronic automatic Pilot feature allows the consumer to perform their sewing tasks without the use of foot pedal and helps in easily adjusting speed making it ideal for the use of beginners. Singer 7258 comes with a plethora of accessories which can help expand the sewing horizon for the beginners. For example, its darning and embroidery foot allows the consumer to perform basic embroidery works. Other accessories include zipper and buttonhole foot, satin stitch foot, a pack of needles, thread pool caps, bobbins, needle plate screwdriver, foot pedal, power cord, dust cover and instruction manual.

 However, as this is considered to be a best sewing machine suitable for beginners, it should not be surprising that it is not suitable for stitching through heavy fabric. Apart from this, the presser foot pressure is not adjustable and hence can be troublesome for the users who want to refine their sewing by adjusting the pressure.

  • This machine operates with minimal noise.
  • Its automated features like Start/Stop button, speed control and needle adjustment button makes it easy to use for the beginners.
  • It comes with a manufacturer warranty of 25 years.
  • singer 7258 does not come with an extension table which limits consumer’s workspace.
  • Moreover, it has a limited stitch width of 5mm while most of the other machines stitching width are 7mm.
  • This limits this machine from sewing through a heavy fabric.

5)Janome HD3000 – Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine Reviews

Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine ReviewsJanome HD3000 is a heavy duty mechanical sewing machine which might not be a cheap product in the market. However, this machine is worth every penny you spend on it. Its high durability and heavy duty features make it best sewing machine for leather stitching.Its zig-zag and triple strength stitching options make it ideal to handle both fragile and thick layers of materials. Despite its professional manufacturing, this machine is suitable for beginners and professionals alike.


  • This high-end sewing machine is easy to use and comes with a user-friendly manual
  • It includes a hard cover which makes it convenient for users to carry it around for portable covers.
  • Its heavy duty solid aluminium casing makes this machines extremely durable.
  • This heavy duty machine is capable of sewing through even thickest fabric available or multiple layers of a thin fabric making it extremely powerful for heavy duty sewing projects
  • Janome hd3000 is not equipped with an extension table which limits the consumer’s work space unlike many other machines in the market which come with such accessories.
  • Certain users have also reported it to be extremely noisy.


6)Juki tl-2010q – Most expensive sewing machines

juki tl 2010Q reviewThe Juki tl-2010q is a high-performance machine which is the latest addition to the collection of best sewing machines for home use in the market. We here review its features and also look into how this machine is ideal for domestic use. Although Juki tl-2010q is considered one of the most expensive sewing machine in the market today, its comparable high-end industrial machines which cost way more to purchase compared to Juki making is eventually the best value deal for quilters. Juki tl-2010q ¼ inch and 1/5 inch quilting feed are manufactured free motion embroidery and quilting making it one of the fast quilting sewing machines in the market and helps consumer broaden their quilting skills.

Juki tl-2010q specifications primarily include features of any modern sewing machine. This machine comes with automatic needle threader and thread trimmer, knee lifter lever. Illuminating bright LED, needle up and down the control button and feed dog adjustment switch.

  • Juki tl-2010q accessories include an auxiliary table which extends the work space of the consumer.
  • This machine also comes with an adjustable pressure for presser foot which helps consumer fine tune the sewing pressure depending on their sewing requirements.
  • Moreover, stitches are made with quite precision using this machine which enhances the professional efficiency of the user.
  • Despite being a perfect quilting machine, Juki tl-2010q is quite pricey which makes its access limited to the users who can afford it.
  • Hence, this machine may not be in the reach of everyone who loves to quilt.


7)Juki Pearl Line MO-654DE I Want It All Package Review – sewing machine recommendations

JUKI 654DE reviewJuki pearl line mo-654de is currently one of the top-of-the-line serger machine available in the market. This machine comes with a variety of sewing features which are beyond comparison to any other product available making it one of the best all-round sewing machines which is capable of handling most of your sewing demands including sew knits, tailored serging, stitching and sewing casual or formal wear and much more.  This best sewing machine comes with multiple stitching options including 3 and 4 thread overlock, 3 thread flatlock, 2 and 3 thread rolled hem and 3 thread narrow overlock (4mm). This small machine comes with a very high sewing speed of 1500 stitches per minute which makes your commercial stitching tasks a matter of hours.

Additional features of this machine include color-coded threading, LED for a better visual experience of sewing, looper threading, tension adjustment, multi-function presser foot, heavy duty knife system and much more. It further comes with some accessories which help expand the creative potential of the machine. These accessories include presser foot, lower knife, screwdriver, a pack of needles, vinyl cover, 2/3 thread selector, brush and needle inserter and a couple of others.


  • This machine comes with a very well-written manual with a number of pictures and diagrams making it easier to understand and follow in order to perform many complex sewing tasks.
  • Juki 654de is known to be a durable machine that can be used for a year without any wear and tear.
  • Apart from this, this machine is very easy to use which makes complex and professional sewing task a piece of cake.
  • For any machine that comes with the specification of juki 654de price would be an issue.
  • This machine is an expensive commodity and hence is beyond the reach of consumer who is short on budget making this machine only accessible to a consumer who can afford to pay huge bucks.


8)Janome Computerized Sewing Machine DC2013 Best Review

dc2013 janome reviewJancome DC2013 is a computerised sewing machine which brings in features that are required to meet your most versatile sewing demands making it one of the best sewing machines available today for domestic and commercial use. With its built-in 50 stitches programs, 3 one-step buttonholes, 7-piece feed dog, automatic thread tension control and built-in needle threader you can sew garments with more precision and confidence than ever before. Moreover, there is a variety of convenience features including reverse and speed control slider and an auto lock button which makes this machine easy and convenient to use.  Another distinguishing feature of this machine is that it comes with halogen lighting which makes this machine stand out. This bright light helps consumer perform embellished stitching with precision and ease.This makes it count in the list of top sewing machines 2018


  • Janome dc2013 manual is detailed and comprehensive making the stitching easier for novice sewers.
  • This machine is known not to make much noise during its operation which helps in pleasant sewing experience.
  • Janome dc2013 can handle thick fabrics really well and comes with an array of accessories.
  • Its easy stitch selection and automatic needle threader makes this machine user-friendly and easy to use.
  • This machine is pricey and may be out of the range of some shoppers.
  • While there are many other computerised sewing machines in the market this one does not come with an automatic thread cutter which is a great time-saving feature of such machines.


9)Juki Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine HZL-F600 Review

juki HZL-F600 reviewJuki hzl-f600 is one of the latest computerised sewing and quilting machines in the market. It comes with a huge variety of stitches and patterns which outnumbers most of the features of most of the other machines currently available. It comes with as high as 225 stitching patterns (including decorative/utility/alphabet), 16 electronic button holes options and 4 lettering fonts making Yuki hzl-f600 quilt and pro special sewing machine compared to others which can best be described as a beast. This machine includes a large LCD display making its operation convenient for the users. Its one and two touches convenience make its easy and quick to start your sewing adventure.These features makes it popular sewing machine 2018.

Apart from its key features, juki hzl-f600 comes with a bulk of accessories including 10 snap-on presser feet, knee lift lever, wide extension table, hard case, auxiliary spool pin, twin needles, 4 bobbins and much more.


  • With its solid construction this machine promises durability and can bear a lot of stress.
  • Apart from it, it’s easy to touch stitch selection making the stitches options easy to choose.
  • This machine requires a lot of adjustment and is not a beginner friendly machine.
  • According to some of juki hzl-f600 reviews, some folks also have trouble with it automatic needle threader.


10)Brother SE400 Combination Computerized Sewing and 4×4 Embroidery Machine – Best Embroidery Machine

Brother SE400 reviewQuilt, sew or embroidery think of a stitching task and it can be done by new brother se400 machine. This is a revolutionary product in the category of computerised sewing machines as now you connect this machine to computer and import unlimited embroidery designs to expand to repertoire of designs. This machine comes with over 100 built-in utilities including 4”x4” embroidery capability, 67 sewing stitches and 98 stitching functions making this one of the best sewing machines available in the market.  This machine further includes automatic needle threader and bobbin winding system which are typical features of any computerised sewing machine today. Its accessories includes 4”x4” embroidery hoop, embroidery arm, accessory feet brother se400 operational manual. However, one of the problem faced by brother se400 users is bird-nesting where thread gets stuck into bobbin and tangles which gets stuck in the bobbin case.

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  • High stitching speed
  • Multiple automated features
  • Variety of stitching patterns
  • Machine weighs more than 20 pounds
  • Difficult to use for portable purposes and can mostly be used in a fixed location with ease.

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